Customer satisfaction is our goal!

Every customer is unique: Each one of our customers has different requirements such as coding, packaging, receiving hours, paperwork, etc. These special instructions are conveyed to our warehouses with every order before any material is shipped, ensuring all deliveries comply with our customers requirements.

Customized coding: From alphanumeric codes to specialty bar coding, we can identify products according to our customers needs, helping identification of the shipment once it reaches your dock.

On time deliveries: Shipments of raw materials leave our warehouses with delivery times to our customers taken into consideration so they arrive on the date expected. We address issues of carrier performance as part of our quality programs on a regular basis.

Certificates of analysis: If so requested, we will fax certificates of analysis to our customers in advance of a delivery with all necessary codes and identification included.

Knowledgeable sales personnel: Our technical sales people have your satisfaction as a top priority, communicating with research, plant, and purchasing personnel to answer questions involving your business.

Product stewardship is everyone’s job!

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